Who We are


Uncomuns is a Barcelona-based strategic brand consultancy firm, developing branding projects for clients in all sectors. We specialise in strengthening the value proposition of our clients’ business model through corporate communication design and management. We dedicate our expertise in creating and developing branding projects to organisations that operate in highly competitive markets. Internet and rapid globalisation are challenging companies to become increasingly competitive and look overseas in order to achieve constant growth; not only in terms of economics but also attitude. Organisations need to cultivate meaningful and genuine relationships with their target audiences, who are becoming more creative and willing to give feedback to companies that are intelligent enough to listen. Right now, articulate and concerned consumer communities are shaping the future of not only new products and services, but also new market rules. We believe in them.


Gerardo Berger – CEO
As a CEO of Uncomuns Brand Consultancy, Gerardo manages and develops branding projects articulating the business strategy with comprehensive and experiential design.
Gerardo has extensive experience co-ordinating teams in large-scale projects and designing solutions for corporate spaces. As an architect and designer, he has completed his education with studies in business administration. The team apply their interdisciplinary vision to each Uncomuns project.

We work alongside the brands that we develop, their people, products and services, to build a lasting narrative with their target and all audience through a meaningful, dynamic and shared relationship.


Lené Tourn – Consultant
A consultant specialising in brand development and social media, Lené brings her expertise and passion for discourse between businesses and consumers to each project. “This dialogue is what we call the new co-branding.” At Barcelona Activa, Lené teaches: ‘How to Build a Brand from its Naming and Beyond’ and ‘Co-branding: Brands Built with the Client’, in addition to organising in-company seminars and lectures. She has participated in the ELISAVA postgraduate course ‘Coolhunting and Global Trends’.




Our brand expresses globality and unique brand storytelling built in common between organisations and clients. A shared history builds a unique experience in the social media and digital environments in which we work..