Barcelona Brand Program at Disseny Hub

Barcelona Brand Program promotes the internationalization of Catalan companies and seeks to turn the city into a magnetfor talent and investment.

This initiative was launched today in Disseny Hub Barcelona‘s building, is promoted by the Barcelona Centre de Disseny (BCD) The program’s objectives have been presented and its future development that includes sessions and workshops by branding professional and presence at relevance international events for the brand strategy.

Some data from different studies on the Barcelona brand, confirm what is already known: the city is associated with a lifestyle that has to do with the joy of life and enjoy the city. According to a study present it by the Barcelona Centre de Disseny (BCD) indicates that the Catalan capital is the fourth most creative city in the world, preceded by San Francisco, London and New York.

Brands have to turn cities into strategic assets that are to be integrated as a relational value, social, economic, cultural and style in each particular case.

Build a strong brand in this way provides many advantages. First is a value for citizens collaborating in the management vision of change towards the ideal city. Serve at once, to unite, build a story together and cheer its citizens up.

Second, for companies to have a relevant international city brand serves to appropriate positive attributes and the story of being part of a city brand recognized and valued positively as in the case of Barcelona. According to the experience of companies like Damn, Union Suiza, Natura Bissé, RS Barcelona, invited to participate in the day of presentation Brand Program, they agreed that the asset “Barcelona ” was synonymous of good work, creativity and responsibility in the compliance with international trade agreements.

Build a brand recognized means above all coherency and consistency over many years, investment and concerted efforts of all the parties involved. In this regard Barcelona as a brand has a great journey . The commitment follows the brand program management, combines both public and private effort to boost ” la feina ben feta” that means the good work that pioneering companies have had managed to bring the expertise of the Catalans beyond its borders.

It remains to continue working for the city to be among the first choices as a business city, according to some studies presented today at the DHUB, is a future goal to be achieved through the efforts of all of us who work here.


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