How to Build Brand Experience in the Health Sector

On Tuesday May 6th was presented the paper, ” How to Build a Brand Experience in the Health Sector “at the College of Biochemical in Argentina, by Lené Tourn partner of Uncomuns.

At the conference was discussed the new reality of professional associations, and in particular biochemistry profession, who are working on incorporating advanced management and communication concepts to establish a better relationship with their patients.

In this sense, build a new relationship with patients is not easy for a profession that does not maintain a direct relationship with the patient, however, has a great importance in the assessment stage. The biochemical’s projection raises an update and conversion of practice based on a paradigm shift: one focused on laboratory work to one centered on a broader view of patient service and greater openness towards society as a whole.

In the professionals’s opinion who attended the conference, the new paradigm must install a new praxis promoted from university and moving into professional practice. This new approach is intended to provide more information and a closer relationship with patients, and optimizing preanalytical and postanalytical clinical testing phase.

The paper discoursed through a combination of theory, case studies and opinions exchange with the audience, encouraging discussion that addressed topics such as: the role of professional bodies as diffuser and promoter of professional activities that develop their members, the challenges and opportunities of health care in society, success stories of the profession. Lené Tourn shared best practices for building a strategy of engagement with the patient and society in general.

Uncomuns participation will be extended to next August, with a second paper on ” How to build a committed relationship between biochemical and patients ” , to be presented during the Congress of Biochemical Sciences jointly organized by the Colleges of Biochemicals of Corrientes and Chaco, cities of Argentina.


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