Build your brand and make an impact

What makes me different from others? It all starts with this question. In any process of brandingregardless whether it is a product, service, company or a personal brand, answer to this question is the high point. We are at the cornerstone that will allow us to build a strong brand.

If we analyze the particular case of a professional looking for the next step in his-her career, with good grades, languages, previous achievements or complementary activities in their profile, all of this are no guarantee of success. There are many qualified candidates who can give the same or similar solution to the same problem.

Same concept, brand, represents a spark or unique feature that sets us apart in a highly competitive environment. The secret is in the knowledge of the skills that make us the best choice for the challenge that we face. The emphasis should be on highlighting the most authentic that we have to provide value to others.

The brand is linked to a concept that has been much spoken and written about, but often, people or companies are not conscious of how their actions and behavior affect: the reputation. In every interaction that you have exist the opportunity to create a memorable experience, teaching others what you can bring them not only professionally but also personally and what they can expect from you. The exercise of a clear, consistent and based on personal values ​​communication create clearly an unforgettable experience. The difference is probably in the honest intention of leaving a mark on the senses of those with whom we work and interact.

It is usually stated that the reputation precedes us. However, in every relationship we can re- create it, promote it or destroy it.

We could ask ourself what kind of memories we want to make each other as people and as companies. 

In this sense, to find a proper answer to this question, you are invited to attend the four-hour workshop presented by Lené Tourn at Barcelona Activa. In this seminar, the co-branding is redefined as the business strategy for which the brand is not unilaterally create it by the company, but co-created together with public’s company.

The goal is to get the consumer not only share the experience of the brand, but also actively reinforce it in this continuous branding process. Social media are tools suitable for this process of co-creation, but they are not the only ones.

See you there, you are welcome.

C. Iniciativa Emprenedora – Glòries. C/ Llacuna 162-164, Barcelona 08018, Teléfono: 901 55 11 55
(Available places: 20)

18/03/2014, 10:00 to 14:00
(Available places: 20)

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