Anatomy of
a rebrand

A few months ago our client, Tuapetito, company dedicated to providing fresh foodin-company, haverequested to Uncomuns
redesign its brand. Since its inception we have worked with the idea of ​​communicating an honest, fresh and creative identity, as their products.

The original logo was mention of a related aesthetic url with the internet. The original mark our authorship has not thus believed suitable for redesign, brand clear any connotation that was limited to the language of the network. So framed as a redrawn typography was used in a spinning green pill with the original design .

We sought to reinforce the idea of delicious food , emphasizing the bite and added a white line outlining and giving the set of a new light by providing the brand a more contemporary twist net .

In the words of the Head of Marketing ” Tuapetito working since 2009 with the aim of providing a daily , balanced and creative gastronomic quality permanent rotation of dishes” < / em >

As with any redesign work on improving the details provides cleaning reading, quality joins visual identity and brand message is reinforced .

The practice of rebranding aims to redesign the brand experience for the consumer surprise again when it has become daily or as in the case of Tuapetito , is the translation of the growth and expansion of the company.

“We tried to express the new visual identity across all media we use to Tuapetito , fusion of traditional comfort food with a contemporary , unexpected and original vision “

A new aesthetic line Tuapetito to project in the future.


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