Blue SMEs
Development Program

Uncomuns Brand Consultancy participates in the Blue Economy SMEs Development Program sponsored by Interreg

Sonic Branding
Music perception

It is common to think that elements that define a brand are related to visual language and the meanings associated

Join the campaign
Save The Arctic

Join a global petition for the creation of a Arctic Sanctuary, the uninhabited area around the North Pole,

Ready, Set, Go!
Branding Innovation

More than 100 cities around the world will host this weekend the most important event in collaborative innovation: 

Barcelona Hosting Week

In Barcelona has been presented one more time the biannual fair, Hostelco, an event for equipment, products

Anatomy of
a rebrand

A few months ago our client, Tuapetito, company dedicated to providing fresh foodin-company, have

How to Build Brand Experience in the Health Sector

On Tuesday May 6th was presented the paper, ” How to Build a Brand Experience in the Health Sector “

New Spring!

In the Season of flowers we are celebrating 10 year of work. Happy New Spring!

Neuromarketing: Inside buyer decision processes

Thoughts never leave emotions and emotions never thought isolate. This is a fact that neuroscientists have been

Build your brand and make an impact

What makes me different from others? It all starts with this question. In any process of branding