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This site uses cookies. Cookies are optimized and customized navigation and maximum are necessary for the proper functioning of the site. In fact, virtually all web sites use them. Cookies store your preferences and other information to help us improve our website, but do not worry, any information we collect on our website identifies you personally.

I –Cookie Definition
A cookie is a very small file that saves Internet settings. Is discharged through the browser during the first visit to a website. Returning to this web page using the same computer and browser can check for a cookie associated (ie, containing the name of the web page) and use the information in the cookie to send back to the web page. This website can recognize that the browser has already been before and, in some cases, advertisers vary to reflect this fact. At present almost all websites use cookies technology.

II –Cookies Types
Session cookies: These are temporary and are deleted once the browser is closed.
Persistent Cookies remain saved on your computer, Smartphone or Tablet User indefinitely (how long will depend on the lifetime of the cookie in question), with the potential to continue to access the information through the search engine.

III –The Benefits of Cookies
Cookies have many benefits, as they facilitate the use of a web page when it returns to it after having visited several times. Whenever you use the same computer and browser. For example, are used to remember your preferences, help us know how you use our website and tailor the content displayed to you more useful depending on their interests and needs. None of the cookies used on our website collects information that personally identifies you.

IV –Cookies Used

CONSENTPermanent12 cookies
frPermanent6 daysWidget facebook
GMAIL_RTTTemporalSessionGmail cookies
guest_idPermanent2 yearsTwitter widget cookies.
icl current admin language
icl visitor lang js
Permanent24 hThis cookie remembers the language used by the user.
NIDPermanent6 mCookie of user preferences.
PHPSESSIDPersitentSessionThis cookie is used by the PHP language to allow encrypted session variables are stored on the web server. This cookie is essential for the operation of the website.
wordpress_test_cookieTemporalSessionWordpress test cookie.
Temporal2 hThis cookie contains information about your geographic location.
wpml browser redirect testTemporalSessionwpml browser redirect test
wpml referer urlPermanent24 hStores the last requested URL on the front-end.

V –Disable Cookies 
The user has the option to prevent the creation of cookies by selecting the appropriate option in your browser program.

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